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Wow! His story is amazing! A true redemption. I was drawn to Ike because of His energy on A LinkedIn video and most importantly His strong faith in Jesus. I have been searching for a mentor for a long time. The timing could have been more perfect. I recently opened up my own firm and looking forward to build my business surrounding myself with positivity and hope. Ike will be in my life whether or not I am no longer a paying client. The bond is indestructible! When you find someone or something good, you hold on to him/her or it for as long as you can. For me, that someone is Ike.

Don Borgat, CPA

Principal at Borgat CPA & Associates l Financial Services Professional 

I have known Ike for six months. In that time, I have come to respect him greatly! I am impressed by his servant heart and the wisdom that he shares via his LinkedIn videos. Ike’s authenticity and values resonate with me and he has become one of my mentors. Recently, Ike invited me and several other professional coaches to participate in a three-week master class, focused on building our respective businesses by honing our elevator pitches, understanding our market niches, tailoring our value propositions and discussing the process of lead generation within a sales funnel. This course was a tremendous ROI on my time, and I cannot recommend it enough! Ike is a charismatic and effective mentor and coach! He is gracious in providing constructive feedback to his clients to assist them in honing their skills. I have referred several people to Ike and have no doubt anyone working with him will receive the same blessings as I do.

Vic Clesceri

Management Executive, Professor, Consultant and Coach | Vice President, SmithFoods, Inc.

I highly recommend Ike as a mentor and business coach. He has walked the walk and has earned the right to talk the talk. I have worked with Ike over the past year as a student, learning Ike's Subconscious Inception Marketing System and More Biz Growth courses. Ike is a phenomenal coach and mentor. He goes above and beyond with post content of high quality, helpful video interviews with other professionals, and giving his time to everyone he works with, both individually and in group settings.

Jane Lehman

Small Business Legal Specialist at LegalShield; IDTheft Specialist; Speaker, Coach, Trainer with John Maxwell Team; Mediator;

Up to this point, in my business, I have had some amazing mentors and coaches. When they say you need to surround yourself with the people who have done it, are still doing it and willing to show you how to do it, I have been blessed to have had the very best. However, one of my biggest challenges in business has been in marketing myself. Being a naturally quiet and reserved person, I found this aspect of my business VERY challenging. Ike you have filled that missing component in my skillset with your invaluable coaching, I am forever grateful. Thank you for your caring and heartfelt mentorship.

Aneela Rafique

Area Field Director at Premier Financial Alliance

Finding the right words to describe what an impactful HIGH value business coach Ike Ikokwu is, is not that simple, because he embodies every quality a true professional should have. He is a true valiant leader, his referent power is pure and beneficial, thus I advice anyone out there to experience it for yourself. Ike, is inherently a person who humanizes his framework in all he does. I think that is a quality that so many business mentors or coaches need to truly apply in all they do. I highly recommend him, because I personally have utilized his expertise to gain more clarity when it comes to my business road map, and strategies to scale forward. 

Enzo Ochoga

Agile Coach | Mindset Speaker | Storyteller 

What do you do when you encounter someone you feel you've known forever who sees the impossible not only as possible but inevitable? You count your lucky stars. This is what it was like with Ike, a man of so many talents and heart that if I didn't love him so much, I'd probably be envious. FACT IS: Ike is one of those rare individuals who balance human intelligence with an unwavering focus on what's achievable for his clients using his financial knowledge to help them grow. Truly a man from the heart, Ike is in a unique category of professionals that is rare today. WARNING: If you like Ordinary and Predictable, avoid Ike. He will redefine the parameters of what you thought was possible or likely to help you realize: You are the exception and he was here only to help open your eyes and your potential. P.S. He should have his own line of sneakers: "IKE. Just Do It.

David Brier

Keynote Speaker, Google’s #1 Rebranding Expert, Advisor to CEOs, Author of Amazon’s Branding Bestseller “BRAND INTERVENTION” responsible for $1B in sales

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